Chris Washburne is Associate Professor of Ethnomusicology at Columbia University and the Founding Director of Columbia’s Louis Armstrong Jazz Performance Program. He has been a visiting professor at Harvard and Taipei National University. Before coming to Columbia University, he taught for the Jazz program at the New School University in New York. He has published numerous articles on jazz, Latin jazz, and salsa.  His newest book, Sounding Salsa: Performing Latin Music in New York was published in 2008 by Temple University Press. He co-edited the volume Bad Music on Routledge Press (2004) and is currently working on a book on Latin jazz which will be published by Oxford University Press in 2012.  He is a regularly featured interviewee on NPR, PBS, BBC, and in the New York Times.  He has lectured and been a guest soloist at numerous universities throughout the US, Europe, and Asia. He has worked for Carnegie Hall’s education outreach program for many years, lecturing and performing for underserved communities throughout the New York Metropolitan area.

Clinics and Masterclasses

Chris Washburne offers a number of lectures, clinics, performances and residencies. A working bandleader, composer, trombonist, and ethnomusicologist; he has prepared dynamic masterclasses and clinics for students of all ages and levels. Examples include:

The Musician and The Trombone

This masterclass can be tailored to classical, commercial, jazz and/or Latin playing and explores different approaches to the instrument. The class focuses on developing good practice and performance habits as a soloist or part of an ensemble and discusses techniques musicians must use to develop mastery of their instrument. Other topics include the importance of learning scales, chords, reading, and ear training along with methods to organize these musical skills into a coherent practice schedule. These master classes can be designed for beginning/intermediate/advanced musicians.

Masterclass: Improvisational and Compositional Methods

This masterclass examines many of the techniques used in contemporary improvisation and composition. This workshop is designed for the intermediate to advanced musician seeking to enhance and explore their listening, improvisation and performance skills.

History of Latin Jazz

This masterclass is an exploration of the geographic and cultural roots of Latin rhythms popular in jazz. Demonstrated in lecture format with or without a full band accompaniment, the master class traces the roots and evolution of Latin Jazz. Activities include lecture, discussion and listening to live and recorded musical examples.

Latin Jazz Ensemble Workshop

Chris will bring professional musicians to you in the context of a concert performance or conduct the workshop in an interactive and participatory classroom employing the members of the student body. This workshop is designed for the musician seeking to improve their competence in Latin jazz styles.

Dance Traditions and their Music Forms

This lecture demonstration is accompanied by live performance by Chris’ own band, SYOTOS. Through live and an interactive performance the folkloric roots and historic development of the rumba, mambo, cha-cha and other popular Latin dance forms are explored.These workshops can be customized to your needs, audience and experience levels.