NYNDK, a precursor to FFEAR, is a trans-Atlantic collective bringing together musicians from New York (NY), Norway (N), and Denmark (DK), uniting three places that have significant roles in jazz history. Established in 2003, its founding members are Danish pianist Soren Moller, Norwegian saxophonist Ole Mathisen, and American trombonist Chris Washburne. Their decision to form this collaborative was inspired by their own experiences of the truly international nature of jazz. NYNDK brings to the mix a combination of refined Scandinavian cool with aggressive New York heat spiced with a progressive postmodern sensibility. Acclaimed soloists and frequent collaborators, this collective of musicians has been called a “pointedly cosmopolitan post-bop collective” (The New York Times).


  • Ole Mathisen – saxophones
  • Chris Washburne – trombone
  • Soren Moller – piano
  • Per Mathisen – bass
  • Tony Moreno – drums

What else the Press are saying about NYNDK:

“NYNDK has fashioned one of the top modern-mainstream outings of 2004… In a nutshell, this ensemble means business, intelligently arranged, the music is largely about power, agility and an extremely engaging spiritual bond that surfaces throughout.” (Zealously recommended…)
– Glenn Astarita, www.jazzreview.com

“This great CD is first a study in viable rhythmic articulated jazz. It’s all here! Compelling melody, challenging harmonies, deceptive cadence, horn lines, experimental improvisations, et al. All in all, a truly prolific project for our instruction.”
– George W. Carroll, www.cabaretexchange.com

“This crew is a New Yorker mixing it up with Norwegians for a zesty romp of hot meets cool taking the old west coast vs. east coast thing to wild new places.  Edgy stuff that never shies away from taking chances and winning bets in the process.”
– Chris Spector, Midwest Record

“NYNDK performs with a forward-thinking edge…”
– Ken Micallef,  Downbeat

“…a cross-the-pond coalition of formidable talents… keeping a constant propulsive edge…”
– Jeff Potter, Modern Drummer

“NYNDK has created an album that grows richer with every listen. All of the musicians are superb and the arrangements fresh, but the key to this album’s success is the variety of jazz forms.”
– Ron Netsky, www.rochestercitynewspaper.com

“The first truly great jazz album of 2008 is upon us and it comes from a Trans-Atlantic collective of musicians from New York, Norway and Denmark. The music is rich, inventive and exciting simply explodes out of the speakers and into the ears/brain of the listener with a vibrancy so often lacking in today’s music.  I only wish more of the jazz world had the imagination and talent NYNDK displays on this recording. I strongly recommend ‘Nordic Disruption’ to any jazz fan looking for music that will wake them up and take their breath away.”
– Brad Walseth, www.jazzchicago.net