Please be sure to watch the latest episode of “The Inclusion Show with Wallace Ford” at with special guest, Latin jazz star performer, Professor Chris Washburne.

New great review of FFEAR’s Mirage in the Norwegian Press!

For those who do not read Norwegian – translation – “FFFEAR ventures to places where no one else dares to go!” Nice – very trekky!

“Unik utflukt
Den norsk-amerikanske kvartetten FFEAR har skapt musikk knapt noen har vært i nærheten av tidligere”


Here’s a review of Chris’ recent appearance with Eddie Palmieri at SOB’s in New York.

Eddie Palmieri Sets SoHo on Fire

In this era’s maze of weird tempos and microtones, sometimes some of us forget that jazz was the world’s default pop and dance music not for years but for decades. The crowd that packed SOB’s Friday night to see Eddie Palmieri hadn’t forgotten, though. It was as if it was 1965 all over again, in the best possible way. El gente were an eclectic mix of dancers, but just as many of them had come out for a concert experience, to listen and be blown away by the intensity of the music. Even the pianist at least partially responsible for the invention of salsa jazz was impressed by his 14-piece orchestra’s raw, feral power. There was a point where after Palmieri had wrung all the apprehension he could find out of a gleefully cautionary, Monkish riff, trombonist Chris Washburne grabbed a mean handful of low chromatics, ran with them and headed straight to the rafters, the band close behind. Would they ever back away and let it breathe for a minute? No way, Jose! The band’s stampeding ferocity could not be stopped, and at age 75, Palmieri is every bit as vital as he’s ever been, maybe better than ever. Read More here:

Another great review of FFEAR’s newest release “Mirage” in the New York City Jazz Record.  Thanks to writer Fred Bouchard for listening so carefully, thoughtfully, and deeply! FFEAR Review

We are celebrating our 15th season working with Carnegie Hall’s Educational programs.  Read about the community work SYOTOS is doing with Carnegie Hall’s Musical Connections Program this year. We will be performing and conducting song writing workshops at Sing Sing Federal Prison, Bayview Detention Center in Queens, and Jacobi Hospital this season. Looking forward to another rewarding and transcendent season.

FFEAR’s Mirage makes it to the recommended list of new releases in the NYC Jazz Record

Great reviews coming in of FFEAR’s newest release!

FFEAR   -   Mirage   3/4

O’s Notes: FFEAR is Forum for Electro Acoustic Research, a quartet featuring Per Mathisen (b), Ole Mathisen (sax), Tony Moreno (d) and Chris Washburne (tb). They are free improvisers that focus on transforming contemporary classical pieces into jazz. It is a unique adventure that has a lot of mystery. This research will appeal to selected audiences and delight their palate.

D. Oscar  Groomes
O’s Place Jazz Magazine


New review of SYOTOS’s latest release!
From the luxurious opener, the warm and senusous title track, Fields of Moon promises to be a singular Latin jazz experience.  And as usual, Washburne and SYOTOS deliver.  The writing, playing, and choice of material are sophisticated yet accessible, vibrant, and ever-swinging (even the ballads!), and their “Poinciana” is a refreshingly original, laid-back change from the Jamal warhorse.  In a business where it’s all about one-track wonders, this CD provides 52 continuous minutes of pure delight.
Dr. Judith Schlesinger
Senior writer and columnist,